About Us

We were built from the ground up to help General Counsel and the companies they represent to solve big problems. Our mission is to harness technology, process, and fact development to create risk-measured, cost-optimized solutions for our clients around the world.

We were born as an LPO.

But we quickly realized that our clients’ ever-growing data footprint, in addition to increases in complexity in the regulatory environment, required a complete paradigm shift in the legal marketplace.

Our expertise is in identifying fact patterns and building narratives. In using sophisticated technology solutions to distill important facts from large volumes of data, allowing firms to make better legal decisions.

We’re building a new industry: the Professional Services for Law.

We provide all the legal services you’d expect from an LPO — and more.

We combine our deep and varied legal expertise, strong industry focus, and the best available technology tools to drive immense value for our clients and to enable better legal and business decision-making.

Our expertise lies in understanding the difficult issues that our clients routinely confront within their respective industries. We take a consultative approach to all the work we do, taking the time to understand our clients’ processes, people, and business goals — and then assessing our own capabilities to see where we can create effective, best-in-class solutions.

By focusing on the right blend of technology, process and people, we deliver critical facts and information to key stakeholders in the most accurate and efficient manner possible.

We take a structured, risk-measured, and efficient approach to all our work. We’ve designed processes that exhaust the potential of technology, are fast and effective, and ruthlessly eliminate waste. We frontload the relevant facts so that, from day one, you’re getting the important information you need.

We operate at the intersection of law and technology, and we’re big believers in the power of technology to drive results. We leverage the best software and tech solutions available to improve efficiencies and to get to the heart of the matter.

Fact Development
We’re in the business of identifying fact patterns and building narratives — of helping organizations turn information gathered into lasting and useful knowledge. Through data analysis, we find the details that matter and shed light on the big picture, filtering the noise to find the signal.